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he was prety tall. i would say around 6'2". he had black hair and brown eyes (though he liked to rock the fake looking blue contacts anyways). he had a huge smile actually looked like a puerto rican harry connick jr. just without the charm.

i remember him being fond of really elborate pieces of clothing. like overly bright jackets and big fedors type hats. i remember he looked older then 16. the funny thing is i remember hating him from the second i met him.

i met him through mutal friends at a "vampire" role playing game. he was blatantly hitting on me and i hated it. being 15 at the time i wasnt used to it and didnt see the compliment. a couple of weeks later, completely randomly (just my luck) he is walking down my block as im opening the door to my house. he bgan talking to me and somehow that conversation ended up into us hanging out which led to us going out.

its so funny that i cant seem to recall much. i remember his always being angry with me for things i never seemed to understand. i remember the way he looked when he said or did mean things to me in front of people. i remember the how big he would smile when he did something that i cried over. but i dont remember much about him.

i remember he smoked weed and i do now probably cause of him. i remember he always smoked "choclate dimes". lol. i remember he was actually a really good artist. i remember he drew these pictures of me that would make it seem like he liked me. i remember he had a dog names lex that i watched him beat with a cane. i remember he talked to me constantly about his ex-girlfriend and made me comfort him when he cried over her.

i remember how 1 year after i put the restraining order in effect, he called me to tell me he had seen me walking down the block on MTV. he liked the eyebrow piercing and wanted to marry me. i remember being scared to leave me house for a week after that.

i remember the phone call from "nevada" the day the restraining order ran out. cause he just wanted to say "hi". i remember not caring anymore and finding it funny that he couldnt hurt me.

i wasnt sure if i was going to respond to this. obviously the 1st person i dated was not like most. memories of him do not exsist in laughs and hugs but in hospital rooms and police stations. but thinking about it, i found it odd and almost scary that this person who controled me by fear for so long and til this day plagues my relationships with men, is someone i know nothing about.
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