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need some help with this one...

A friend of mine is making arrangements to come down to Florida to visit me for a week. She has been looking forward to this for SO long and is getting creasingly anxious as the dates nears. Her visit time will be May 8 - 14.

When my boyfriend & I realized that she would be here during our one month (may 11), he got a bit upset when I told that we couldn't spend the entire day together. I have a guest! I definitely want to spend some quality time with him on the 11th, go out for lunch or a walk on the beach, but I can't leave my friend stranded.

Here are some things to consider with my friend's visit:

1. She has never been here, thus
2. she does not know her way around
3. I (and my boyfriend) are the only people she knows around here
4. She has no car
5. There is no public transportation in this area

I don't want to desert my friend, but I have to find a happy medium between time with her and alone time with my boyfriend. I'm going to talk to my friend about this, find out what she thinks, if she'd be comfortable, etc. Unfortunately I won't get a chance to talk to her until much later today.

But in the meantime, how should I break-up the day? Any suggestions? I'd like any suggestions as far as both what to do with/about the boyfriend and how to handle this situation.

My boyfriend has really been looking forward to our one year.
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