hazelstar (hazelstar) wrote in luvs_confusion,

we broke up yesterday

Here's a little something he said in an email to me (since he didnt even break up with me in person, he did it on aim):

"no matter how mad and dissapointed I am in you, I'll never
stop loving you. This is harder than you think. But after all this time
apart, I realized that our future is just not going to end happily. I want
children, I thought I didn't but I'm so jealous of Sean and talking to
Brett's Darcy abnout her kids, it just made me want them more. There are
other little tihngs, it's just since I broke up with you the first time, the
day or two before the bone fire, things have not bene the same. Right now I'm just hurting so much."

I showed that email to a friend of mine. His translation: "Me me me, poor me, I hope I don't hurt, me me me, ME ME, me me...me."

he broke up with me 5 days short of a year.
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