hazelstar (hazelstar) wrote in luvs_confusion,

I think he tried to piss me off - I think it worked

May 11th is supposed to make a year for my boyfriend & I. But for the last month or so, I just feel less & less for him. We haven't been intimate in a few months because I just can't stand the idea of it. I cringe at the thought of getting physical with him. Maybe it's not just him, but he's the only person I thought about in that respect. I find myself wanting more and all the little things are becoming BIGGER things. My past boyfriends weren't fabulous and I didn't date them for as long as this current relationship, but I miss being able to have real conversations - not small talk. I miss learning things from my significant other. It's good to have differences with someone you date, but it's starting to feel like D and I have barely a THING in common anymore. We don't go out anymore: this weekend he went out with his friends each nite and I met up with an old friend of mine one nite. Very rarely do we do anything together as a group; it's starting to feel like he just doesn't want me around.

Yes, I have tried to tell him these things recently. He just brushes them off and assumes that I'm going through another downward mood swing. "Oh, you've said that before," he says, because in the past, we spent some "time apart" because of my feelings. Now, if I feel that way again, to him it just means I'm being moody. He just refuses to understand.

In a boyfriend, I need a supporter. I feel like D is holding me back, keeping me from accomplishing... ANYTHING! Is this a typical rough patch that most relationships go through as they are about to hit a year or so, or is this looking like the end?
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